The history of Sisu trucks from Finnland

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Tor Nessling, founder of SISU

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In Scandinavia are today manufactured three brands of trucks. From Sweden come Scania and Volvo, which aree weell known to most people. Sisu from Finland is almost unknown, but nevertheless most interesting.
SISU was founded on 1. of April 1931 by Tor Nessling (1901-1971), and was, until 1943 the sole Finnish manufacturer of trucks. In the year 1932 12 units, each with a total weight of 4800 kg, and with a payload of 2300 kg, was manufactured. Today the factory is situated in Kajaa in southern Finland. During the Second World War were manufactured many vehicles for the Finnish Army. In 1943 an affiliated company, Yhteissisu, (Commonsisu) was created. At this company the Finnish Army ordered 7000 trucks, which should be made on basis of the designs of Sisu type S-21, and built by Yhteissisu . First prototype was finished in 1945, but too late, the war was to end. The order was cancelled. It was also end for the basis of this company, but it was reconstructed in 1948 as Vanajan Autotehdas Oy. This company was in 1969 integrated in Sisu Auto Oy.

Already in the thirties Sisu vehicles were exported to Estonia and Latvia. In Estonia is today a subsidiary of Sisu Auto Oy, which sells Sisu and Renault trucks on the Estonian market.
In 1968 Sisu Auto Auto Oy was taken over by the Finnish state.
Sisu is mostly manufacturing heavy vehicles for transport of wood, gravel and other heavy tasks of transportation. The vehicles are made due to the demands from the buyers. There are 3 basic models, and in the manufacturing process there is a lot of manual work.
SR is with normal cabin. SM is a heavy frontcabin model and the SN is a delivery truck. The number after the indication of type is the engine performance in KW. Sisu TT is a trailer tractor, SA-110 is all-wheel driven.
Engines are from Caterpillar, Cummins or Mack. Earlier there were also engines from Rolls-Royces and Valmet.
KAMAZ from Russia built a series of trucks with Sisu driving cab in 1989.
1996 presented Sisu the new series called the E type. The engine is a 14-liter Cummins diesel engine, with an output of 480 HP. These models has a gearbox with syncromesh, in former models there was only Fuller transmission without syncromesh.
Sisu is a minor truck manufacturer in Europe, with a number of items built of only 500 annually. There is an export to the Baltic states, and also to Russia. In the last time is also Switzerland a new importing country.On the swiss market is sold, among other, a special 5 axled tipper.
On the 20. January 1997 was signed an agreement over co-operation between Renault V.I. and Sisu Auto Oy. It is the goal that this initiative will strengthen Sisu, by increased sales of Sisu special vehicles, through the dealer net from Renault. Also a common development and production of individual parts, e.g. driving cabins, are money-saving. The French Army is a new customer at Sisu as a follow of this agreement.
There are no owner connections between Sisu and Renault. In the year 1997 all shares were sold to Partek Oy, manufacturer of accessories for goods handling, e.g. the Cargotech enterprises, Zetterbergs and HIAB, as well as Kalmar Industries.
2002, Sisu Auto Oy, Cargotech and Kalmar Industries were sold to the Finnish industrial company KONE Oy, who in 2004 sold 80% of the shares to the nvestment company Suomen Autoteollisuus Oy, and leading coworkers of the Sisu Auto Oy.
The leading coworkers who buyed shares shares in the company are: Managing director Nils Hagman, production and development manager Harri Askola, manager of finances Roger Holmberg and sales manager Lauri Hakala. Kone remained as minority shareholder with a possession of 20% of the shares.
SISU models 2004
  Chassis 4x2, 6x2, 8x2, 8x4
4x2, 6x2, 8x2, 8x4 6x4, 8x4 6x6, 8x8
  Motors Cummins ISM-345 Euro 3
Cummins ISM-385 Euro 3
Cummins ISM-420 Euro 3
Renault dCi 320 Euro 3
Renault dCi 370 Euro 3
Renault dCi 420 Euro 3
Mack EUP 440 Euro 3
Mack EUP 480 Euro 3
Caterpillar C -18 Euro 3 (630 PS) Cummins 11L 380
  Gears ZF, Eaton-Fuller or Allison ZF or Eaton-Fuller Eaton-Fuller Automatic
E-11 E-12 E-14
SK-262 Drivers cabin SM SM-300
T10AXT-terminaltraktor-4X4 SM 270 Sisu E-14-470
Sisu 11E Sisu SR Sisu 12E 480
Earlier logos Sisu Evo2 HMTV 6x6


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